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How Europe Loves Lingerie Infographic

Everyone has their favourite types of lingerie and their preferred styles, but looking at what the rest of the world is wearing is a great way to find inspiration for new outfits and looks. Take a look at our infographic for more on what styles of lingerie are popular in the country you live in or across the continent right now.

how europe loves lingerie

We were a little surprised to learn that the most popular colour for lingerie is white. In fact, white is the most popular colour for thong briefs, as well. Black is always better for evening wear and for combining with other things, but don’t forget, evening wear is often darker than day time outfits.

Also, blouses and ladies shirts are often lighter coloured and more transparent than skirts or trousers, so whilst you can wear any colour under your skirt, you need to wear white (or nude) under your blouse.

56% fold their underwear by hand and 27% just toss it in the drawer

Oh gosh! Only half of the ladies fold their underwear. Sorry, Marie Kondo! These days, the modern fabric does a great job of not creasing, but if your underwear is a jumble, some of it will get lost and forgotten, then your outfits will start to get mismatched. Take a minute or two to lay out your draw or rail properly and you’ll find your home becomes a place of zen bliss!

Only 10% of women admit to going commando in public

And finally, only 10% of women admit to going commando in public. It can be very freeing, but if you feel your underwear is too stifling, you might need to try out a brand that’s better designed, like Felina or PrimaDonna.

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