Five Best Yoga Bras And Bralettes For Women

Any yogis in the room? You’re going to love reading about our collection of five best yoga bras and bralettes. Whether you do Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, Hot yoga or any other type of yoga, these five bras and tops are ideal for you. Should we start?

How should a sports bra for yoga be like?

A yoga bra should be, above all, comfortable. It should feel like a second skin so that it moves with you. When you run, row or play football, you need very supportive bras. A high impact bra isn’t the best option for yoga and pilates practise, though. Instead, you go for a low impact bra. 

When is a medium impact sports bra advisable? Maybe if you’re practising one of the types of yoga that put together some dance moves or are more active. Or if you do some yoga poses as part of a general training session. Also, if you have a large bust, as you may feel more comfortable with that extra support.

If your body has an athletic shape, you can try wearing a bralette or yoga top. They have to feel tight so that they move with you. If they’re too loose, they may lead to an “accident” when you bend over (you know what we mean. You don’t want your girls to be out accidentally!).

For all of you who combine yoga and pilates lessons or any other low-intense activity, wearing a bra seems like a better option than a bralette, as you can use it with multiple activities with comfort. Check for soft seams and fabrics, light padding or no padding at all and supportive straps.

You cannot go wrong with any of these sports bras in our list of the best yoga bras and bralettes.

Wolford 3W Skin Bra

The Wolford 3W Skin Bra includes innovative features. The first innovation, the wires are put aside. The bra is built in one piece, following an innovative process: the cotton contour material is cut and moulded into a bra shape finished with wavy silicone writing to create the maximum feeling of comfort. It’s as comfortable that you can wear it all day long, under your working clothes or your workout attire.

Lole Activewear Aerin Bra

This style is right between a yoga bra and a bralette. It’s a low impact design with racerback and light padding, which can be easily removed to create a non-padded bralette. You can also adjust the straps. So, it’s really up to you how you wear it. It’s available in hot pink or black. Besides, it’s ideal to mix and match with your Lole Activewear: leggings, tops, cardigans, etc.

Acai Activewear Berry Sports Bra

Sweat-wicking fabric for quick drying and superb design. The best bit of this bra is the open back with a multi-strapped style (click on the pic above to see it in full). You can match it with your Acai leggings, Capri or full length, as well as a range of designer vests. Another good reason to check out Acai activewear is our current sale on the whole range. The bra above, for instance, is now £35, which is £10 off its regular price.

Wolford 3W Skin Plunge Bra

Just as innovative as the Wolford 3W Skin Bra at the beginning of this list of the best yoga bras, with a modern twist. Straps are thick, comfortable and adjustable. They can also be held together with a clip to wear crossed in the back.

Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge Bra

This Shock Absorber bra is a medium-impact bra. We love how easy this is to put on and off, with the zipper, but also how gorgeous it looks when worn with the matching leggings. We’d recommend this sports bra for all those types of yoga more active, as well as those of you who need additional support.

Have you tried any of these sports bras before? You have more amazing sports bras here, may you want to check out more styles.

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